We're hiring!

We are currently looking to fill an entry level architectural position. Working knowledge of Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign are preferable, but not mandatory.

Please feel free to forward a resume and/or portfolio of work to kevin@oliverarchitect.com. Interns are welcome, too!



We design functional and beautiful projects for our clients. Cost is usually a concern, so we craft projects to make the best use of the funds available. Right now, it's about an even mix of commercial and residential work.


We use a lot of technology on our projects from start to finish. BIM, online project management, visualizations, and digital document management are all a part of our projects. It lets each of us accomplish more with fewer distractions. E-mail is a necessary evil. We try to find some way to inject a design sensibility into even the most mundane work.


We like making nice things and beautiful spaces. Theory is great--nothing against it-- but there's just something exciting about physical reality. Projects have all kinds of functional requirements and constraints (time, money). We do our best to work within those limits, and break them when they really need to be broken. If we do a good job and are financially successful, then that lets us continue to make nice things and beautiful spaces for more clients