Bath Farmhouse Progress

Work on the Bath, Ohio modern farmhouse residence has been going well this summer, and things are close to finishing up. 

The south facade of the house has large windows at the main living areas to promote solar gain in the cold, winter months. Cedar sunshades (deeper than you'd expect them to be) keep the high, summer sun out when it's not wanted.

Southeast corner of the Bath modern farmhouse

Southeast corner of the Bath modern farmhouse

Bath Residence Progress

Foundations, basement, and first floor framing are finished. Sheathing is going up and things are taking shape, despite the cold.

2190 Professor Progress

Work has started at our project at 2190 Professor. Renovations to the existing building are moving forward, and a climbing gym and yoga studio will soon emerge! Stay tuned for more updates as work progresses.

Basement view, looking through new floor opening for top-out.

First floor, looking into the new opening.

A Manifesto For Growth -- Bruce Mau

I saw this years (12?) ago and it's stuck with me ever since. I try to keep a copy of it on the wall nearby. It's especially good for the moments when I'm stuck, frustrated, or questioning why I just didn't become a banker. Or a barber. 

To be honest, some of the points don't make much sense until you've messed them up. It's hard to realize that Organization=Liberty (point 30 on the list) until you've found yourself mired in "artistic" dis-organization for a few days.

Architects are not graphic designers. Maybe more graphic designers should be architects (?)